About Us

Aletheia Literary Quarterly is an online journal founded by Dr. Christopher Cyrill, novelist, prose poet and former Fiction Editor of Heat Literary International and Associate/Fiction Editor of Southerly Journal. 

Our editorial panel is comprised of working writers and academics, all of whom are committed to the art of Literature.

We are open to the experimental and the traditional and seek above all the craft of writing—a distinction of style and voice, a commitment to the shape of a sentence—The sentence is the tombstone of the thought that inspired it. (Musil)— and the depth and rhythm and imagery of the line. The writers we will publish work sentence by sentence and line by line and are fascinated by the form they write in.

We are looking for literary work that possesses enigma, or following Blanchot, the ‘essential solitude’.

Our promise is to read all submitted work carefully and thoroughly and to respond in a timely manner.


Editorial Panel ζ

Senior Editor ϕ Dr. Christopher Cyrill

Associate Editors ϕ Dr. Michelle Hamadache, Dr. Jacqueline Rule

Poetry Editor ϕ Melissa Curran

Fiction Editors ϕ Jan Christie, Diana Marietta Papas, James Weait

Media Manager ϕ James Weait

Editorial Assistant ϕ Maxine Carlisle

Cover Illustrator ϕ Michelle Urra



Fiction and Poetry Editors will also read Prose Poetry submissions.


All copyright remains with the authors.

Our website terms are on the last page of the journal.