Editorial Services

ALQ offers writers editorial feedback on their work. For a small fee our editors will offer the writer a four dot point critical evaluation of your fiction/poem/prose poem. We will also return that feedback within ten working days.

If you accept that feedback and do another draft of your work, there is no fee to resubmit.

If you are interested in this service please write directly to our Editorial Panel at alqeditors@gmail.com with the word ‘Edit’ in the subject field.

We cannot promise publication on re-submittal but please be assured that once you have re-submitted our editorial team will be in touch promptly to let you know if you have made the shortlist for an upcoming Volume of ALQ. 

Once on the shortlist your work will be considered for all future Volumes of ALQ. The work’s inclusion will depend on the feel of the issue—we do not do themed issues, our themes emerge from the accepted work—and the limitations of page space. 

If your work was to be accepted elsewhere, and we are not offended by multiple submissions, just let us know at  ALQEditors@gmail.com.

Cost: $20 AUD.

Receive: 4 dot point response to your poem, prose poem or story.

We will be polite, concise, essential and forthright in our responses and will get back to you within ten days.

There is no refund if you disagree with our advice. Our advice is professional, carefully phrased and well informed by literary traditions and techniques but every reader has their own aesthetic responses.