ALQ uses for submissions to the journal.


We accept submissions in poetry, prose poetry and short fiction up to 7500 words.

Submissions will open on March 14, 2021.

We are open to genre play but we don’t publish sci-fi.

We will consider extracts from novels and verse novels.

We will consider stories for children on rare occasions.

To submit work to the journal will cost $5AUD for administration fees. A percentage of this fee will be banked to pay for contributor’s fees in the future and for an annual donation to the World Wildlife Fund. The administration fee also keeps the journal fluid.

All accepted writers will receive an annual subscription as payment and be invited to contribute to the Index of First Lines Project. (You cannot submit to the Index of First Lines Project unless invited.)

We advise before submitting to thoroughly spell check your work. Further, remove any timeworn phrases and cliched language.  We are not bound to traditional grammatical rules but we do like consistency in grammar, even when you jazz the template. We feel adverbs are often overused—we prefer a stronger verb—as are exclamation marks. We love distinct opening sentences and lines of poetry.

We would also advise that ALQ is a prose over plot journal; we prefer metalepsis over a car chase for example. We’d be interested in a car chase using mise en abyme however. You get the connotations.

Poets—we love the lyric, the fragment, the craft.

Prose poets—we love the full textural use of the page, but writerly texture, not gimmicks. We will try to adapt our page structures to yours wherever possible.

Finally, the editorial panel would simply ask you to read the work that has been published by ALQ thus far. Aesthetically, that is your spirit level of our readerly discernment.

We look forward to reading your submissions and thank you for engaging with ALQ.